Welcome to Diversified Asset Solutions

Diversified Asset Solutions offers web-based services including auction services, direct sales channels, and affiliate programs to companies that are looking to dispose of their excess inventory and equipment or simply acquire more. Diversified Asset Solutions leverages decades of sales experience and brings in additional resources to provide a complete package to ease the buying and selling of virtually any product or equipment. From farm equipment to city buses, from rare paintings to exotic cars, Diversified Asset Solutions can help you sell whatever you need.

We bring together an extensive network of equipment buyers and sellers from around the world into one easy-to-use venue. While a face-to-face auction may be considered a qualified success with 100 people in attendance, a well-publicized online auction can easily eclipse that by tenfold by providing global coverage rather than a single hard-to-find location on a rural map. Diversified Asset Solutions is poised to provide the exposure a seller needs to get the best returns, while providing buyers with unprecedented access to assets they might not have found otherwise. It is truly a win-win for everyone involved.

Solutions for success

Auctions: What once was purely an art has evolved into something more of a science. Fading are the days of a live, in-person auction where a charismatic auctioneer could make or break your selling price. As the internet took root throughout the world of commerce, people soon found that they could bid on items from the comfort of their own home or office using a simple PC connection. Today the key to success is marketing and making people aware of your items that are for sale. Diversified Asset Solutions uses a unique combination of cutting-edge search engine optimization (SEO) combined with good old-fashioned mailers and print ads in the various trade publications that cater to your items market segment. The result? More buyers and better returns. Best of all, Diversified Asset Solutions can handle most of the work with optional services such as on-site photos and inventory, payment and collections, transportation and delivery, and even provide financing options for those big-ticket items that might be a challenge.